Monkey business

Monkey business
Is today Friday?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Parents and Fifth Graders,
     Today was the first day of a new and exciting year!!  The day went very well I thought, as I am slowly getting to know everyone.  The children are ALL sooo precious, and I feel truly blessed to be able to share each day with them.
     Please be reminded that our day begins at 8:05am. and ends at 3:10pm.  The children will also begin P.E. tomorrow so gym clothes are a necessity.
      Chicken tenders will only be served one day a week this year.  Look on your monthly calendar for the dates.  The lunch price is still $4.75 per day.  We will be eating early this year so your child might want to bring a light afternoon snack.  Only drinks with a screw on lid are permitted in the classroom, and that will only be during snack time.
     Please send all papers back to me, signed as soon as possible.  They have to be turned into the office,  and I cannot turn them in until I have everyone's filled out and signed.  You may send your workbook fees to me,  and I will make sure they are turned in to the office.
     Homework will begin next week, so please be sure and check your child's agenda.  Feel free to contact me for further questions or concerns.  Have a good evening.  See you all tomorrow!

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