Monkey business

Monkey business
Is today Friday?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Academic areas that need improvement:

1. Multiplication facts, English and Metric units of measurement
2. Identifying subjects and Verbs
3. AR points (15)

Important dates to remember:

1.  October 8 - No school - Columbus Day Holiday
2.  October 12 - AR deadline (15 points needed)
3.  October 12 - Rosa  due
4.  October 17 - report cards go home (check your e-mail too)
5.  October 26 - Half day - Fall Festival

Tests and quizzes for the week of October 1-5

Monday - Math test (know units of measure on the study guide)
Tuesday - none
Wednesday - Language quiz (tentatively) scheduled over subjects and verbs
Thursday - Penmanship test 8
Friday - Social Studies test over Chapter 4
               Spelling test list 8
               Reading vocab. list 7 test - Reading pages 190 - 215

Friday, September 21, 2012

Academic Areas that need improvement:

1.  Multiplication/ English and Metric units of measurement
2. identifying subjects and verbs
3.  AR points

Important dates to remember:

1.  Sept 27 - Parent -teacher conferences  - Call Rhonda if you would like an appointment with me on 
                    that day between the hours of 1-4pm.  School dismisses at 12:30pm.
2.  Sept 28 - Roobin Classic T-shirt order forms are due in the office
3.  Oct. 8 - Columbus Day  - NO SCHOOL
4.  Oct. 12 - AR deadline (15 points required)
5.  Oct. 17 - Report cards sent home
6.  Oct. 26 - Half day - Fall Festival  ( I will be calling a Fall Festival meeting soon.)

Tests and quizzes for the week of Sept. 24-28

Monday - none
Tuesday - SS quiz 6 p. 47-50 and geography facts 5
                  Science test over Chapter 2
Wednesday - Penmanship test 7 - Mammal Projects due
Thursday - SS quiz 7 p. 49-55 and continent study 1
Friday - Spelling test list 7 / Reading vocab. test 6 (pages 156-167 Reading)

Friday, September 14, 2012

     I want to thank all of the parents who worked the concession stand, and especially Barbara vanAssendelft for being in charge.  It is great to have parents who are so supportive of their children's school.  Believe me, I know how it is to work all day and then work the concession stand that night.  It is all part of being in a private school, but I wouldn't change a thing!
     Please continue to work on multiplication tables.  Those struggling with division are the ones who still do not know their facts.  Study the Metric and English conversions, as well.  We started converting measurements today.
     The AR deadline for the first nine weeks is October 12.  That will be here before we know it.  Please encourage (MAKE) your child read.  Remember, this is 20% of the Reading grade.
     In Language today a book was assigned called Rosa.  Rosa will be read independently, however we will do a book report together in class.  Please read Rosa along with your child if you possible have time,  It is a wonderful Christian Fiction book.  I reread it every year and continue to enjoy it.

     Important dates to remember:
     September 18 - Blood drive in the lunchroom from 3-7p.m.  Extra credit will be given for 
                               donations made in your child's name.  Call the school for an appointment.
                                Walk-ins are welcome.
     September 21 - picture proofs/orders are due
     September 27 - Parent teacher conferences from 1-4pm.  Call Rhonda for an appointment
                                if you need to discuss an academic matter with me.  School dismisses at 12:30.
     October 8 - Columbus Day -NO SCHOOL
     October 12 - AR deadline for the first 9 weeks ( 15 points required)
     October 17 - Report cards sent home

     Tests and quizzes for the week of Sept. 17- 21:
     Monday - Social Studies quiz over pages 35- 43 and map on skill sheet 6
     Tuesday - none
     Wednesday - Penmanship test 6, Language test over unit 2 Nouns
     Thursday - Social Studies test over chapter 3 / Science quiz over 2.8-2.9
     Friday - Spelling test over list 6 /Vocabulary list 5 (reading pages 130-155)